Initial Visit: September 12th, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Price: $

Description: If I had to be stranded on any island with a dog, it would be a Coney Dog.

Coney dogs are something I discovered my love for since I started traveling in 2012.  A nice hot dog in a bun with meat, onions and mustard. Hot dogs are like burgers and pizza. Almost endless customization. Coney Island has a menu to prove it.

I ordered a Jalapeno Cheese and a BBQ dog. $2.50 a piece. Super cheap in my books! The Jalapeno Cheese was super good, but the BBQ dog was amazing! This place gets a 5/5 in my book. Some people may be put off by the…cluttered and dingy inside… but if you can look past that… you will be dreaming of a return trip just like I am.

77 S Cherry St
Galesburg, IL 61401

(309) 343-4990


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