Initial Visit: August 9th, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Price: Free

Description: Somehow I am usually the last to learn of cool places. Farmdale Reservoir is no different.

I have driven past signs for Farmdale many times in my life and just thought it was a giant water reservoir or something like that. Then one day I decided to google it to see what it was. Well, talk about kicking yourself in the ass for taking forever to do something.

I came out here and hiked for a few hours and enjoyed every second of it. I decided to hike the ‘tough’ trails and they proved to be a challenge. Especially if you were mountain biking. While I only hiked about 4 miles and it was just a small section of the map, I was very impressed and will be back in 2017.

The entire area is beautiful and far enough removed from society that you do feel isolated, but not far from help and home. This could be a great place to bring dogs, if you have one and they are properly trained.

They say Illinois is boring… but we have beautiful places like this to help dispel that notion.


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