Initial Visit: March 5th, 2016
Rating: 5/5
Price: Free / $-$$$$ (Depending on what you buy)

Description: Grumpy Bob’s, they are just so friendly there! Wait.. what?

My friends and I were heading over to Dizzy Dugout in Collinsville, IL  and we happened to drive by this place and we all kind of turned our heads at the same time to look at it as we drove by. We all just knew we had to visit it on the way back. So we did.

I wasn’t expecting much. Just a typical thrift/antique store, but when we walked in, I knew I found home. Rows and rows and racks and walls of video games. Running from the front of the store to the back wall in another room… and then some. They have a HUGE video game section. The walls of games, the locked cases, the wall of accessories. It’s almost a museum in it’s own right due to the sheer size of it.

As mentioned in the opening, the staff is fantastic. We came in during a bit of a hectic rush as their video game seller had to leave due to having a bit of a cold, so the owners were scrambling to help everyone. We waiting awhile to check out and they apologized profusely for the long wait and even offered us a free soda/energy drink for waiting so long. But it gets even better. They happened to put the wrong game in my case and I didn’t notice until later that night after they closed. So I shot them a message on Facebook and they invited me to come in on a Sunday, a day they are closed, to swap it out or get a refund.

We decided to take them up on the offer and popped back in the next day (as we were leaving the area that afternoon). I explained the mix up and they offered me a store credit refund. So I picked up something else that was a bit more and offered to pay the difference. They refused to take the difference and even offered me a free pick from their candy selection. Such a friendly place. Highly recommended!!

I just wish my phone hadn’t died before reaching here or else I would have taken a few photos of their impressive video game wall.

Update: Phone wasn’t dead this time! I was able to snap a few photos!

2915 N Center St
Maryville, IL 62062

(618) 288-3491


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