Initial Visit: February 10th, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $

Description: For when you need a ginormous jolt of java!

Java Jolt, as a friend described, is a hidden coffeehouse. I have been all over Peoria, IL and never heard of it. But sometimes the best things in life are learned via word of mouth. Java Jolt is nestled inside the lobby of a bank building, so that is why it is a secret coffeehouse. If you don’t visit that bank, you wouldn’t see the signage in the windows.

Could you imagine working there and smelling coffee all day? Heaven. Especially since they serve baked goods (if I remember right), chips, smoothies and little odds and ends to snack on besides coffee.

I’ve been here a few times now and really enjoy it. It’s cool that you can chill in ‘Java Jolt’ while the bank world is working around you. The coffee is really good and the staff is beyond nice. The only downfall is they are limited to Banker’s Hours. So if you work first shift, it would be hard to pop in for some java.

Oh, the bank building that houses it is a Merrill Lynch / First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust. Just a heads up so you know what to look for when you go. 🙂

230 SW Adams St
Peoria, IL 61602

(309) 637-0475