Initial Visit: March 23rd, 2014
Rating: 3/5
Price: $-$$

Description: So just how EPIC! is Epic Burger? Well, not all too epic, actually.

My dad and I came here after visiting Shedd’s Aquarium and were hoping for some really EPIC!! food. What we got was decent food and some unsatisfied taste buds. Now the food wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t EPIC!!! It was just a bit too greasy and a bit light on flavor.

We ordered a meal each and the total was about $17-19, so not bad for two people. But 5 Guys is way better, IMO. That is a great burger place to go. SmashBurger even. Those are EPIC!!!!

Epic Burger.. not so much. Maybe it will be EPIC!!!!! for you. Maybe not.

They have locations all over the Chicagoland area, so if you do want to try it for yourself, they are not too hard to find. There are actually too many locations for me to list without this blog post becoming super long.

1000 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

(312) 440-9700