Initial Visit: October 5th, 2013
Rating: 4/5
Price: $$

Description: Music. Movies. Games. Debt.

Let me preface this by saying that I love what Slackers offers. They have a huge selection of video games and as a gamer, I love that. They also have a wide variety of stuff between movies, cds, anime, posters, figures, and whatever else you could be looking for.

Now the negative aspect. What I do not like are their prices. I am thrifty, so when I am shopping used video game stores, one tends to get a general idea/feel for what things should be priced at. Slackers tends to price everything above Market Value. Whether they do it because it is a college town or because it is a bit of a nicer area… it seems to be working for them. I love swinging by when I visit my friends in the area, but I hardly ever purchase anything since I can find it for a lot cheaper where I live.

Any who, they really do offer a large selection of everything. I love the fact that most of their SNES-era games have boxes on the shelves. Nostalgia kicks in looking at some old gaming boxes. The games don’t come with the boxes, as they are store displays. But still cool to see! I will try and snap a few photos the next time I go and update this post with them.

It’s a great place to scratch almost any nerdy itch you have, but it does come with a premium price. If you are in the area and are looking for something a bit cheaper on the video game side of things., check out Grumpy Bob’s Emporium a few miles away. If you need more of a geek fix (board games, figures, comics), you can pop over to Heroic Adventures. It is literally a 2 minute drive from Slackers.

300 Junction Dr Ste 117
Glen Carbon, IL 62034

(618) 655-0940