Initial Visit: November 12th, 2016
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $$

Description: I wonder if they have a Peoria Buffet in Hong Kong… ha.

Ok, lame jokes aside, I may have found a new love at this buffet. Jalapeno Pepper Chicken. Soooo good. I generally get General Tsao’s (or Tso’s) because it is supposed to have a nice spicy kick to it, but this takes the cake. General is hit and miss at places on spicyness, but I think Jalapeno Pepper Chicken would have a consistent spicy kick due to the… well, peppers. A few of the items on the buffet were meh. The sweet and sour chicken was a bit dough-y. Sugar biscuits had clumps of sugar instead of it being evenly distributed. General Tsao’s was not spicy, but was still good.

We came here for my friends birthday and I am pretty sure I have been here before to eat. I know my friend comes here at least once a week to get food to go. Yup, they sell food to go. Probably charge by the weight of the container? I don’t know.

I typically don’t add buffets to my travel list. Why exactly? I don’t have a specific reason, really. But I’ve added this and Grand Village Buffet now, so there are exceptions to my rules. This one is a bit pricey. The price for a dinner on a Saturday night was $15 and change.

All in all, a pretty good buffet. The service was prompt. Selection was decent and plentiful despite them closing 90 minutes after we got there. Online reviews are hit and miss, but that seems standard for any Chinese buffet/restaurant.

7708 N University St
Peoria, IL 61614

(309) 692-8899