Initial Visit: September 8th, 2013
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: Free

Description: A nice little nature escape off a main road in East Peoria, IL.

Yet again, another one of those things that you drive by a million times and never stop at. So I finally decided to visit with some friends of mine. Had no idea what it was going in but was pleasantly surprised. The ‘garden’ as it is so called named is really just a nature preserve that exhibits the wild flora and fauna of Illinois. Don’t worry, I don’t think there are any dangerous bears around. Not that I know of any non-dangerous bears.

The gardens main path leads to a small pond that is pretty nice. It’s been sullied by people not respecting the rules and have fished there. There is an Irene Cull Trail that leads somewhere. When we were there, they were doing some major grounds work, so we took a wide path that lead to someone’s house. Ooops.

There is also another small path that leads to an observation deck that overlooks some grass and the main road in front of the gardens. Pretty tranquil, except for the murmur of road traffic.

All in all, a pretty cool little stop that is dedicated to nature. If you are in an ‘outdoorsy’ mood, it’s worth spending the 30 minutes there to see everything. There is no address, but I provided a GPS location for finding it, which was taken from another website (

N 40° 41.760 W 089° 32.360


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