Initial Visit: March 3rd, 2012
Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Description: Bienvenidos Amigos!

Another great restaurant during my great Spring Break getaway. My friends had been here before and raved about how good it is, so naturally, we stopped by while in the area.

How I am about to describe Pepper’s can not be easily put into words. Delicious. Amazing. Fantastic. Everything you could want and more. Perfect. Delectable. For me, these are just a few ways to describe my love for this place.

I have been traveling since 2012 and I have yet to eat at a Mexican-themed restaurant as delicious as Pepper’s. I ordered (possibly, I don’t quite remember) the California Burrito and it was amazing. Looking at their online menu, I don’t see exactly what I had, but what I had was worth the drive to Florida alone. It was a bean burrito with your usual stuff inside, but it was smothered in queso blanco. The queso blanco is what put it over the top. I just love that stuff!

Conveniently they have places in the Port St. Joe region, so if you are in the panhandle of Florida, you could easily make the drive to one of their 5-6 locations and feast like a Rey (king in Spanish). Sadly, as with most of my Spring Break photos, I deleted them. But that just gives me an excuse to go back and snap a few more while trying another queso-smothered burrito!

224 Reid Ave
Port St Joe, FL 32456

(850) 229-8540