Initial Visit: February 8th, 2015
Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Description: It might B hard to visit now that they are closed.

For a few years, B Easy was a staple if you were out partying in downtown Peoria, IL. It wasn’t a restaurant but they served restaurant-quality food at reasonable prices. You could stumble over from Club Diesel or Berlin and grab something from their small but well-varied menu.

When my cousin and I worked Security at Club Diesel, we would actually sneak over for a quick break and grab some delicious hot dogs or $1 pickle-on-a-sticks. They were always busy and would serve food to us bar staff even after we would close.

They decided to shut their order window due to the stress of operating a ‘walk up’ deli/restaurant. The business was there, but I can respect their decision to pursue something less stressful.

Good memories, great food. I hope they open up a real restaurant some day! I could go for their Hot Ham & Cheese again!

617 Main St
Peoria, IL 61602

(309) 258-4381