Initial Visit: December 13th, 2014
Rating: 5/5
Price: $-$$

Description: My first Beer-cade.

A few times each year, my friends and I visit friends in Edwardsville, IL. Looking to spice things up a bit, we discovered Unkle Monkey’s Coin Club… and what a discovery it was!

I can’t speak for my friends, but it was my first visit to a bar/arcade.  As a legal-drinking age adult who loves to game, this is the combination of two great things.

Unkle Monkey’s was great. We only went the one time, but my friends in town got hooked and went frequently. They had a great selection of games. The price was even better. Free as long as you were drinking, eating or otherwise spending money there. The walls were covered in circuit boards. They had local area artists with Street Fighter art on the wall. Some of the art was fantastic!

I believe the Bar had comics and old ads as the background with a heavy layer of lamination on top. There may be a technical term, but I am not sure. But it was cool to look at and read comics/blurbs while you sipped booze/ate food.

We all had a blast. It was Christmas time, so I bought all of us Christmas koozies to use while at the bar. So it was sad to heard that they were closing. While the trips to E’ville (so I have dubbed it) are still a blast, Unkle Monkey’s would’ve been a regular hangout for us when we visited.

Stay nerdy.

1027 Century Dr
Edwardsville, IL 62025

(618) 692-5152


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