Initial Visit: November 25th, 2014
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $

Description: El Solazo means The Scorching Sun in Spanish!

El Solazo is a place I never knew about until a friend and his girlfriend told me about it. So we all decided to head over there and try it out.

The building is kind of off on it’s own, which if you know real estate, Location Location Location is everything. Not that it’s hard to get, but it’s just far enough away from other businesses that it gets forgotten about. Which could be why they closed.

But anywho, we went on a cold November night and warmed up with some great food and nice staff. As typical with these small businesses, it is family run and family served. The guy that served us was really friendly and we actually chatted for awhile before the meal and while eating.

The food itself was pretty good. Large portions for a great price… and it was delicious. I know the central Illinois economy is tanking a bit, so I hope more Mom & Pop places can stay open. Don’t forget to support your local businesses! 🙂

2613 NE Adams St
Peoria, IL 61603