Initial Visit: March 30th, 2014
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: Free

Description: One of the best things about the St. Louis Zoo? FREE admission!

Ok, there are other cool things about the zoo, but a free large zoo in a large city is quite a rare things these days. There is paid parking, but if you look around, you can park just a little further away and have free parking, too!

The zoo itself is ginormous. Everyone says you need 2 days to take it all in. You really do. My cousins and I went on a blustery March day and the park was busy, but never felt crowded or too busy. Some of the exhibits were closed due to it still being cold. Sucks, but understandable as all Zoos do that.

We spent the majority of the day here and it was a blast. There is just so much to see. One of my favorite things to see there was Cypress Swamp. It was this huge area dedicated to look like a swamp with it’s natural flora and fauna.

For the adults, they do sell alcohol at a reasonable rate. I walked around drinking Budweiser from a pint can and it was only $5 a piece. Telling people I got drunk at a zoo is a great story to tell people.

If you have a weekend to spend and you want something cheap, hit up the St. Louis Zoo with your friends or family. If you get through the zoo in a day, there is just so much else to do in St. Louis that you literally can’t be bored.

1 Government Dr
St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 781-0900


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