Initial Visit: February 9th, 2016
Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$

Description: I had a coupon. My friend and I enjoy a good pizza. So off to Pegasus Pizza we go! Well, that was the idea at least.

Pegasus pizza was a very hard place for my friend and I to find. I had assumed it was a normal restaurant, but it’s quite the opposite actually. It’s situated in a building the size of an Ice Cream Shack. So the only room inside is for customers to order. Not a bad thing, but my friend and I were ill-prepared for dealing with carry out only.

So we placed an order and killed time by going to the gas station, getting some stuff there and debating where we would eat. We settled on his place as it was the closest place we could think of.

We go back, grab our pizza from just about the friendliest pizza staff I have ever dealt with, headed back to his place and scarfed down some pizza. The pizza itself was pretty good. It didn’t floor me, but it didn’t disappoint. But my friend really enjoyed it. I think my problem is the type of sausage they use. There is a certain style that my taste buds just absolutely hate.

Any ways, if you want some good ‘carry out/delivery’ pizza and are in Morton, give Pegasus Pizza a shot. I think they even have free delivery.

Disclaimer: No Pegai were used in making any pizzas.

151 W Bradley St
Morton, IL 61550

(309) 263-7700