Initial Visit: January 19th, 2017
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $-$$

Description: Fun fact – This is actually in Mossville and not Peoria.

Talk about a nostalgic hidden gem. Up until January 12th, 2017, I never knew this place existed. Having extensively traveled the Peoria area, you would think it would’ve popped up on my travel radar at some point.

One of my friends used to have a skating group, so this place is a ‘blast from the past’ for her. So naturally, she threw together a big group of friends to come out and relive some good old days. Even for me, who grew up roller blading my childhood neighborhood, this was a blast from the past.

Despite a few shaking moments here and there, I still have my balance and some of the skill I had from my childhood. My friend and her friends were way more skilled and were doing things that would make me fall face first. There were some local skating dancers there and watching them glide effortlessly was awesome to watch. I tried taking a few photos, but due to being in motion, they all came out blurry.

The staff was super friendly and very nice. They fixed my friends skate for free, no questions asked. Admission was $4 and rental was $2. It varies by day, but it is still  a really cheap fun few hours. Places like this still retain some of that late 80’s/early 90’s look, which is cool in its own way!

There is also a cool museum a minute from here. Wheels o’ Time. Lots of antique cars, service vehicles and trains.

The only downfall is that the location is a bit odd. It’s kind of tucked away and since it was a rainy night, it took me a bit to find it. But overall, places like these are getting harder and harder to find due to shifting customer demands. So enjoy them while you can. 🙂

11009 N State St
Mossville, IL 61552

(309) 579-3625


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