Initial Visit: March 11th, 2014
Rating: 2.5/5
Price: Free

Description: To quote my friend; “It’s not even covered!”

Now, to be fair and to preface this blog post, we did stop by after it received some storm damage. So the state it was in when we visited is not a representation of what it actually looks like. The low score is from my initial visit. Should I happen to make it back, I will update the score and post new photos to reflect what it really presents. Looking into it for this blog post, I would rather like to see it in it’s former glory as it looks really cool!

Okay, so with all that in mind, my friends and I left Springfield after a day of exploring. On the way home, we saw the sign for this covered wagon. I asked everyone if they wanted to stop and check it out. They didn’t care… so 10 minutes later, we find ourselves looking at the wagon… or the damaged wagon. As stated above, it seemed to have received some storm damage and was in the process of being restored, so it was in really bad shape.

But we had some fun taking goofy photos in front of it. It was muddy out, so we couldn’t explore around the area too much. I have visited Lincoln, IL a few times since this photo was taken, so next time I am down there, I hope to have new/better photos of the wagon. It really does look cool from seeing other people’s online photos.

Plus, it’s a nod to Illinois and the USA’s history since it has Abraham Lincoln on it.

The link to the website provided below is not to the Wagon’s actual website… because it does not have one. But I do like Atlas Obscura, so I linked to their website. That way there is some reference material if you are interested in learning more about the wagon.

1750 5th Street
Lincoln, IL62656


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