Initial Visit: February 12th, 2017
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $

Description: Finally after driving past this place a million times, a friend suggested we get lunch there some day, since she has been there before and recommended it. So here I am, writing a small blog post on Raedene’s Country Cafe.

As stated previously, I have drove by this place many times. I used to live in the area near here, so I would see it almost daily… and now I can claim I have ate there… and it was good.

It was slightly busy when we came in for lunch, but that’s a lunch rush for you. We were told to pick a seat, and were greeted by a friendly staff relatively quick. The menu had your standard diner items, but this one offered a bit less than your usual place, but less is sometimes more.

My friend had the Steak and Eggs while I grabbed my usual French Toast/eggs/bacon meal. The French Toast was super good. Plenty warm and plenty crisp. Just the way I like it. The eggs were eggs. Nothing fancy. The bacon was alright. It was a bit greasier than I like, but bacon is bacon and there is no bad bacon. My friend enjoyed her Steak and Eggs. While each meal was decent-sized, we both were still hungry afterward. But we barely noticed as we ended up chatting for the better part of 2 hours. Even the waitress joined in near closing time to chit chat for awhile.

I did order a coffee and it had free refills. I hope I didn’t drink all their coffee! While I have had worse coffee, this was close to the bottom for me. It was a bit too watered down. Not even half n half/sugar could have saved it.

Overall, a pretty nice little diner. I regret not going sooner, but later is better than never! They do have peculiar hours. 4am-3pm every day. So if you are wanting to stop by, make sure they are open first!

101 N Highland St
Creve Coeur, IL 61610

(309) 694-2988


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