Initial Visit: December 23rd, 2012
Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$

Description: Pizza the size of the hood of your car!

Seriously. This place specializes in offering a pizza the size of the hood of your car. It is a massive 30″ pizza! Could you imagine how long it would take to eat that?!

A friend told me about this place and their $5 deal. The $5 meal will get you a JUMBO slice of pizza and a soda. The slice is taken from one of their 30″ pizza, so you are getting slice that is probably 13″ long. Plus a soda with free refills (at the time of my visit) to boot. They do offer a fairly large menu to choose from, if you do not desire pizza.

The place is tucked away behind Bradley University. One can only imagine how popular this place has to be for broke college students or for those who are throwing some college parties. While we were there, we saw some students come by and grab a jumbo pizza and load it in their trunk. Yes, their trunk. Yes, they made it fit.

Sure, it’s a bit of a novelty and the pizza slice, in my opinion, was only decent… But it’s definitely a place to visit at least once and spend the $5 on the combo meal.

1222 W Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61606

(309) 676-2222