Initial Visit: February 20th, 2017
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $

Description: A name for that is rather descriptive. It really is a diner located in downtown Morton.

Diners are great. I have a deep love for diners. They have a slice of flavor modeled after the owners, as the owners usually put their heart and soul into it. Food is always top-notch and portions are great. Staffing is usually more personal as they tend to know their customers on a first name basis and all that.

The Downtown Diner is all that, minus the decor. It’s rather stark white/plain in there, comparatively to other diners I have visited. But don’t let that distract you from the menu, the food and the friendliness. My cousin and I came here for lunch and were greeted by a friendly server. She was the only one serving in the small diner, yet she was doing a great job at keeping up with everyone.

My cousin and I both ordered breakfast items. Her, a cheese omelette and myself, french toast. It’s not too often I get food envy over breakfast, but my cousin’s omelette looked delicious. It’s what she normally orders when she goes there, so she savors it. My french toast was nothing short of deliciousness. A nice blend of flavor and filling. The bacon that came with it was nice and crispy without being greasy. Just how I like it. Plus, the coffee hit the spot.

The Downtown Diner is great. It’s tucked away off Main street in Morton. A few notes to know before going. Don’t expect to find a standalone building like I thought it was. It’s one of those places that is in a series of shops that are connected. There’s probably a technical term for that. They close at 2pm. Their hours are in a photo below. Lastly, they only take cash or check. So put those debit cards away and make sure you have cash on you.

112 W Adams St
Morton, IL 61550

(309) 266-5591


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