Initial Visit: March 2nd, 2012
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Free

Description: A relaxing day at my first beach!

Not only was it my first beach, but it was my first time in the Gulf of Mexico. This was just one of the many stops in a crazy, but awesome Spring Break week with some great friends.

The weather was nice, but the Gulf was still cool from winter. So Jacob and I waded out and tried out best to enjoy the waves. Megan took the majority of the photos you’ll see below.

We enjoyed the beach for a few hours. I smuggled some mason jars onto the beach and filled them with sand, water and some shells found around where we were sitting. My dad still has some in his house and they still look pretty decent!

Aside from chilling on the beach and trying to play in the cold ocean, I wish I had more to say. Jacob told me that sharks can swim in water as shallow as 3′, so that made the rest of the time in the water rather fun. Kept quite an eye out for some sharks and luckily, we made it out safe and sound.

Florida has a ton of beaches. I would tell you to visit this one, but there has to be many to choose from! Especially in Panama City Beach, where we ended up later that week. So just hit up any beach and enjoy!

6081 Cape San Blas Rd
Port St Joe, FL 32456


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