Initial Visit: February 25th, 2017
Rating: 4.13/5
Price: $

Description: If there is one thing I forgot about going out on a Saturday night.. it’s the wait times to get in to places.

The original plans were to go to The Blue Duck Tavern, but they had a 45 minute wait time and we were hungry now. So we tried a few other places and they all had pretty lengthy times. So we eventually ended up at Darling’s that had no wait time.

We sat down and started browsing the menus we were presented with. The menu offerings were a bit slim, but where it lacked in quantity, it made up in good sounding items. While I was craving a burger, they did offer a chicken sandwich that you could order with their signature wing sauce on it that caught my eye. That’s what my friend Tim ordered and it looked super good. Just a little bit of food envy there.

The wait time for our food was longer than anticipated, but it wasn’t long enough to start questioning. But at long last, it came out and we hungrily started devouring our food. I have had a lot of good burgers and I have had some mediocre burgers and I would place Darling’s right in the middle. The meat had very little flavor to it, but the whole sandwich together was pretty good. The french fries that came with it were really good. I tried Alex’s sweet potato fries and they may have been the best ones I have ever had.

The pub itself is really nice. They have just enough decor to make it feel cozy in there without it being too cluttered. They had your usual amount of TVs to view various sports and news channels. Near the entrance we came in, there was a chalk wall with the menu written on there and below it was a spot for patrons/kids to doodle on. I would’ve gotten a photo of it but business picked up quite a bit by the time we left, so I will have to try to snap one next time I am there.

Darling’s is a darling of a pub/bar. The service was great, the food was decent and the environment was welcoming. A place I would definitely return to if the opportunity arises.

4450 N Prospect Rd
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

Phone Number


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