Initial Visit: March 10th, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $

Description: Former home to one of my favorite burgers… 😦

It saddens me to mark this place closed as I write this blog. Every time I visited this place, it was never busy, so it really didn’t come as a surprise that they announced they were closing. But I enjoyed it the food the few times I was able to go.

My first visit here was with a group of friends. The menu had a lot of good sounding items and a few things peeked my interest. The thing that sounded really good but really odd was a Peanut Butter sandwich. It was a burger with a peanut butter-flavored spread on it. I was too cautious to order it, but my friend Tim did and he loved it. I ended up getting a bacon cheeseburger that was superb. They serve the burgers on a square brioche bun and they were the most delicious things ever. The service was good on the first visit. The food was great. T’was a great first visit.

Being intrigued by the Peanut Butter burger, I came back a few months later to try it. Oh… my… god… It was the best burger I may have ever had. It was delicious. I already love peanut butter and I love burgers… who would’ve thought they were great together! But… the service was less than great. It was slow yet the server took forever to visit the table. Plus she was gossiping with the other server. Didn’t ruin my enjoyment of the Peanut Butter Burger, but it did knock them down from a 5/5 to a 4.5/5 in my book.

I did go back one last time for another Peanut Butter Burger and the service was better than the previous visit but not as good as my initial visit. Food was great as always. It is sad to  think that one will never have their Peanut Butter Burger again ;(

In the end, Peoria Heights is losing out on the best burgers ever. It sucks they closed their doors but they never seemed to have the business to thrive. This is why I always say to support your local businesses. Don’t let your favorite local joint be the next victim!

4109 N Prospect Rd
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

(309) 839-2984