Initial Visit: April 6th, 2013
Rating: 5/5
Price: $$

Description: You can say the Funny Bone really tickled all of our funny bones!

On a crazy fun trip to Columbus, our friend Doug got us tickets to see Harland Williams at the Funny Bone. We really didn’t know who it was until we got there. The Funny Bone is located in the Easton Town Center, which is another post all on it’s own.

Any who, while we were waiting in line to get in, Harland came out and talked to the crowd! How awesome. He was promoting his new comedy dvd and was doing a small Meet-n-Greet before the show. We didn’t think we would get to meet him, but we did! He was very pleasant and let us take a group photo with him.

On to the show. I believe your ticket has assigned seats, unlike other comedic venues I have been to. We were situated in a great place. Right in the middle with easy access to anything and a great view of the act. We all had a few drinks and proceeded to laugh our asses off.

We all had a great time. We had more than enough laughs for the rest of the year. We didn’t try any food, so my rating is based purely on the act and the kindness of the staff.

Apparently, the Funny Bone is a small chain across the US. You can view their Wiki page below to see if there are any near you.

145 Easton Station
Columbus, OH 43219

(614) 471-5653