Initial Visit: March 21st, 2017
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $$

Description: Happy Joe’s makes for a Happy Joshua.

Happy Joe’s has been on my travel list for a few years now, so to finally be able to get to visit one was pretty awesome… but it wasn’t the Happy Joe’s I thought it was. Yes, it is part of the Happy Joe’s franchise, but it is a slight twist on the usual place. While the normal Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream is more kid-friendly, Pizza Joe’s Pizzagrille is more contemporary… more adult-orientated. This was all explained to me by the super friendly host that seated my friend and I.

Ok, with that clarification out of the way, on to the Pizzagrille place. The host told us that they are famous for their Taco Pizza, apparently they are the original creators of the Taco Pizza… which I have had other companies and it is a delicious concoction. But that is not what we ended up ordering. My friend and I were in the mood for burgers, so she got a normal burger while I got the Jalapeno Popper burger.

In the menu, it showed their buns being branded with the name “Joe’s” and sure enough, the burgers came out with the Joe’s branded into it… except for mine. It came out looking like “Hoe’s”, which can be see above! I thought it was a hilarious mistake. Not sure how that happened, but it made the Hoe’s Jalapeno Popper Burger an even more enjoyable treat.

The burger was great. It had some nice heat to it, but not over the top. The meat on the burger itself could’ve used a bit more flavor, but the toppings on the burger make up for that. There are quite a few sides to choose from. Such as: fried chips, sweet potato fries, and other stuff I don’t recall. One cool thing about the menu here is that they tell you the calorie count. So if you like to count calories or are on a diet, it’s great to be able to see what has what in it. My burger and fries tallied up to about 1,300, which was on the lighter side of things if you looked at the rest of the menu.

Overall, Happy Joe’s Pizzagrille is a pretty great place. The staff was friendly and very informative. The interior was contemporary and very well done. The food was great and they had some pretty great specials on beer throughout the week, from what I could tell from all the signs they had up. They also have a frozen yogurt section called ‘Joegurt’. It looked good, but they were doing a deep clean of it, so we didn’t get to try it… I don’t think we had room to try it if we even wanted to.

Happy Joe’s = Happy Belly!

2900 River Dr
Moline, IL 61265

(309) 517-6871


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