Initial Visit: July 25th, 2015
Rating: 4/5
Price: Free

Description: Taking a selfie with a presidential selfie!

The final stop on my family 2-week cross country trip and what a stop it was. Never thought I would actually get to see this national landmark in person! But here we are, writing a blog and reflecting back on our visit there.

If you are a United States citizen, no doubt you have seen many photos of Mount Rushmore in textbooks, school books, media and post cards. So to actually get to see a National Landmark that you’ve seen many times in books and on TV is awesome.

Ok, on to what I thought of Mount Rushmore. First off, per any national place, it took awhile to get to a parking spot since there was a decent line. But once you pay the $10 (as of 2015), you get a parking pass that allows you to visit anytime for the rest of the year for free! It’s nice to not be nickle and dimed at a popular place.

Secondly, for it being busy, it never really felt crowded, due to the sheer size of the place and how open it was. It was about as busy as you could imagine, but it was never too crowded to ruin the experience.

The main area is really nice. There is a nice sized observational area to view the memorial. There is a gift shop with tons of cool stuff inside. Beyond and below the observational area, there seemed to be some kind of theater/stage area where they might put on shows? It was closed when we went, so I don’t have any more information on that. There also seemed to be trails that one can walk around if time allows.

My dad came here back in the 70’s and talked about how you had free reign to really walk around and enjoy the place. With how life and society is these days, they may have curtailed how much is open to the public.

Sadly, if you don’t get to do all the other stuff the place offers, the overall experience is kind of like… “This is awesome!…. now what”. I really had a great time there but since we only looked at the Memorial and browsed the Gift Shop, the experience was exciting but lacking a bit.

I would LOVE to go back some day. Get to really explore what else they offer there. Maybe go on the hikes around the area and see how close one can really get to the presidents.

13000 SD-244
Keystone, SD 57751
(605) 574-2523


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