Initial Visit: March 17th, 2015
Rating: 4/5
Price: Free

Description: If you drink before St. Patty’s Day, you can call that St. Practice Day!

Time for something a little different. Today I am talking about a Parade! The St. Patty’s Day Parade in Peoria, IL. This may be my first time coming to the parade, despite going out quite a few times for St. Patty’s Day.

If you have ever been to Downtown Peoria, you know that there is a constant breeze due to being next to the river. Well, if you mix this with it still being late winter/early spring, it can be a nice combination of cold and breezy… which is exactly how the day of the parade was.

The parade itself is nice. Plenty of people, groups, organizations, schools, companies, etc. were there to throw candy to the crowd and wave at everyone. While there were no crazy floats or balloons, it was still a fun time to socialize and see everyone dressed in green.

My friend Tim and I tried to enjoy the parade, but with a strong cold breeze, we retreated to inside a local hotel and watched it from inside. It was great to finally see the parade but it was not fun being so cold. After we warmed up, we decided to head to a bar and start the drinking and the fun.

Overall, it’s something worth checking out if you live in the area. If you don’t, you probably have your own cities parade to check out!

Stay green, stay fun.

Main St.
Peoria, IL 61602


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