Initial Visit: February 23rd, 2015
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: $-$$

Description: A Bakery that is aRestaurant that is a Bed and Breakfast that has a Bar in the basement. Say what?!

Yes, this place is most of those things. It is a Bed and Breakfast called Cornerstone Inn. There is a restaurant named Denhart Baking Company & Restaurant. There is a Bar in the Basement, which I don’t think has a name or is just an extension of the Denhart Baking Company.

Denhart is quite unique, in that it is a part of all those things mentioned above. Whether it is also a Bakery, that is in question as I can not find any information on it. But maybe they offer private baking for events.

I have been here twice now and it is just a great place. It’s kind of small on the inside, so if there is a lunch crowd, expect to be sitting close to other people who are also seated in there. The interior is cozy and feels authentic to the history of the building. The few photos I have do not do the place any justice. It has a bit of a feel of stepping back in time when you visit.

Both times I have gone here, the food has been great and the service has been top notch. The second time I came here, the server was rather chatty and we had some fun talks to accompany our meal. One day, I would love to stay at their Bed and Breakfast and also check out the bar in the basement, as I have heard good things about it.

This place is definitely a must try, in my books. It’s cozy, rustic, offers a variety of services and is also on the Federal Register of Historic Places, due to it’s historic and architectural significance.

101 Washington Square
Washington, IL 61571

(309) 444-2200


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