Initial Visit: February 18th, 2015
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $

Description: You can have a schooner while on a Schooner!

That word gets silly looking after you type it a few times. A schooner is a tall glass of beer and it is also a big ship with two or more masts. So you could, in theory, have a beer while on a ship. I think I have a new bucket list item!

I have drove by this place many times and finally tried it out! I was split on whether it should be labeled a Bar/Pub or a Restaurant since it is a fine split on what it is, but a Restaurant is what it shall be labeled.

So I have been here twice as of this writing. One visit was with a friend for a beer/burger lunch and the other time was with other times.

On the lunch visit, my friend and I got a burger and beer to enjoy during lunch. I don’t remember much about the burger, which is a good sign that it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t floor me, so I would say it did it’s job of filling me up without disappointing me.

The second visit was a full dinner with some friends. I think I got the burger again, which was great but nothing to write home about. Each time I have gone, we have had great service with a friendly staff.

If I recall right, there isn’t much nautical stuff inside, despite the name referring to a ship term. The interior is more of a normal pub feel. It has some sports and alcohol memorabilia up on the wall.

Now the cool secret about this place is that it is attached to Gebby’s Family Restaurant. From what I am told, Gebby serves breakfast and early lunch. Then they shut down and Schooner’s takes over the lunch and dinner portion of the day. I will be doing a blog post for Gebby’s here soon!

Schooner’s has pretty good food and is a friendly place to go. You wouldn’t be disappointed if you and some friends swung by to catch some brews and sports while eating

Now if you are fun, you could try and have a schooner while ON a Schooner. But if you can’t, you can at least have a schooner IN Schooner’s! Close enough, right?!

730 E War Memorial Dr
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

(309) 686-9895


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