Initial Visit: April 17th, 2017
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: $

Description: Does Shannon’s get 5 stars from me? Close, but not quite.

But why does it not get 5? Well, let’s go into the stuff that was fantastic first.

The place is big. Like, full-sized restaurant big with room to spare. Plenty of parking available and it is easily accessible from one of the main roads in Bloomington. The staff was super nice despite there only being one other customer in the place. We had a completely empty restaurant to choose from, so naturally we sat near the windows. That’s one of my favorites, at least.

The menu does not match the size of the place… but that isn’t a bad thing. While it wasn’t a full menu, like one you would find at Denny’s, they still offer quite a bit. One thing to note is that they have cut off times for Breakfast and when Dinner starts, so keep that in mind. I was all jazzed to get a full breakfast and the waitress had to break my heart.

The price is way cheaper than your typical Restaurant. If you can zoom in on the menu photo below, you can make out what they serve and their prices. The Buffalo Sandwich I got was $5.95. With fries, it was $8.15, roughly. When our waitress served us, I was surprised with how massive this Buffalo Chicken Sandwich was. It was nearly 2/3 the size of the plate! Which was great since my stomach was grumbling.

So why didn’t I give this place a perfect 5? Well, the food was pretty good! The service was top notch for it being slow. No, what knocked this place down was the bathroom. I will save the dirty details, but it needs some TLC. Walking in from a fine restaurant to a messy bathroom that is in need of some upkeep was quite jarring. Hopefully they have plans to fix the issues with it as it was my only complaint about Shannon’s.

Funny story to wrap this post up. I wasn’t paying attention and started salting my fries. It wasn’t until I put the shaker back down that my friend and I realized that I put sugar on my fries. Instant sweet potato fries, right? Luckily it wasn’t much and didn’t affect the deliciousness of them.

1305 S Mercer Ave
Bloomington, IL 61704

(309) 664-0808


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