Initial Visit: April 24th, 2017
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: $

Description: Fairlane Diner is not quite a diner, not quite a restaurant and not quite a fast food joint.

It’s a bit of all 3, wrapped up in it’s own unique style. It has the feel and look of a 50’s diner, with the layout and service of a Fast Food place with a bit of a full restaurant pricing.

Coming here after hiking at Carpenter Park was a great idea. It was pretty much right up the road from the Park, so having it nearby was super nice since I was starving. Walking in, you quickly notice that you order your food similar to a fast food restaurant. They even give you the little number and bring the food out to you. The place is a bit small, so if you visit during a lunch rush, seating may be very limited.

The prices of the menu were about on par with a fast food place, if not a bit more. But $9 will get you a sandwich and fries. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with fries and a soda. The fries were pretty good, nothing stellar, but the chicken sandwich was fantastic. It was grilled to perfection without losing any moisture. I’ve had many chicken sandwiches and this has to be Top 3 for me. It was that good.

They also service ice cream, which sounded good, but I passed as I was ready to hit the road back home.

Overall, the Fairlane Diner is Fantasticlane Diner in my books. It’s a small place with slightly higher than diner prices, but it was worth every penny in my book.

300 Crossing Dr
Sherman, IL 62684

(217) 303-9330


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