Initial Visit: May 4th, 2017
Rating: 5/5
Price: $

Description: Free coffee?!? AHHHH YEAH! Oh wait, that’s just the name of the place… sigh…

On a dreary day in a long string of dreary days, one starts to yearn for a cup of warm coffee in their hands. Maybe that’s just me… My mom, brother and I rolled into this pretty sweet coffeehouse on just that, a dreary day.

Free Press is your standard coffeehouse, but with a really cozy interior and tables that spin. Let’s talk interior first. For this being a new location (they have several locations as it turns out), everything felt well-used and that the coffeehouse has been there for years. Which is a good thing. Not only does everything seem ‘broken in’, but everything matches and goes well with everything else. Places like this are my dream coffeehouses.

Now for what they offer. They have your typical coffee menu. It seems like their coffee is sourced from a place in St. Louis called Blueprint Coffee. That’ll be another place I have to try. The coffee itself tasted a bit too roast-y for my usual liking, but it was still enjoyable, especially on a rainy day. They also offer some stellar customer service. Some of the best I have seen in a good while. A barista even came out and offered to get someone a water because they saw they were done with their coffee but had all the intentions of avoiding the rain like the plague by staying in Free Press.

Their menu offers up some tasty-sounding sandwiches with some baked goods. I almost pulled the trigger on a Cinnamon Raisin to split with my mom, but withheld since we were getting food as soon as we reached St. Louis. Looking over the menu, it seems like they serve their sandwiches on a bagel, which sounds super appetizing. The prices for them has to be the lowest I have ever seen at a coffeehouse. Usually they run $6-8, but here they are $3-6.5.

If I lived in Springfield, this would definitely be my ‘go-to’ for coffee and bagel/bagel sandwiches. If you happen to find yourself in the capital of Illinois… first question why you are in Illinois… then zip over here for some deliciousness in a cup. Or try the baked goods/bagels/bagel sandwiches and let me know how those are!

1370 Toronto Rd
Springfield, IL 62712

(217) 441-2523


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