Initial Visit: May 4th, 2017
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $-$$

Description: Not like your Pappy’s BBQ!

Pappy’s Smokehouse has been on my travel list since it’s inception. A friend gave me a list of places to visit in St. Louis and this was on there and it was his #1 recommended place. So after 5+ years, I have finally made it there… and it was nothing like I expected.

Now, that usually has a negative connotation tied to it, but not in this situation. I was expecting it to be a upscale restaurant where the meals are $15 per person. Well, it’s not. The best way to describe it is a ‘fast food BBQ restaurant’. How fast? Fastest I’ve ever seen for any place I have been to. I placed my order, talked to my mom and brother about where we can sit and before I could even walk to the table, they were handing me my try of food.

Jimmy Johns, eat your heart out.

The staff was top-notch. They greeted us right away, handed us menus and helped us out with how to order since we told them it was our first time there. Also, there was a pig with a hat on near the register.

As for the food, it was mostly great. I tried two of the four sauces they offer. Pappy’s Original and Jane’s Sweet. Pappy’s Original was alright, but I really liked the Jane’s Sweet. It paired really well with my Pulled Chicken sandwich. You get two sides with your basket and I picked applesauce and sweet potato fries. The applesauce was great. Really can’t mess that up. But my fries were a downer. They were barely warm and kind of soggy.

My mom got the Pulled Pork sandwich and was in love. She is a huge BBQ fan. My brother got a Frito Salad and didn’t care for it (he had his heart set on McDonald’s). So I polished that off for him and it was unique and delicious.

Overall, Pappy’s was definitely worth the 5 year wait to try it out. I will actually be in St. Louis again in under 2 weeks from now, so it’ll be hard to try a different new place when I know Pappy’s isn’t far from where I will be.

3106 Olive St
St. Louis, MO 63103

(314) 535-4340


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