Hey all!

If you are an avid read of this blog or even someone that drops by once in awhile… you may have noticed that my frequency in posting blogs has decreased drastically lately.

No, I am not running out of places to write about. I still have about 250 places to write blogs for. What I am running out of is space on WordPress.

I am currently using the Free version of WordPress, which has been fantastic so far. But there is a data limit on how much you can upload. With all the photos I share in my blog posts, I have ate through that data pretty quick.

As of this post, I have about 15% free space left. So I am trying to keep new blog posts to places I have recently visited.

It’s not terribly expensive to upgrade to the next tier. Something like $30 a year. I do plan on upgrading to that sooner rather than later. Once I do, I will resume posting about 3 blog posts a week, depending on my schedule.

Thank you all that have visited my blog and thank you all who this is your first visit.

Joshua D.