Initial Visit: August 30th, 2014
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $

Description: Eysal’s was a special stop for many people in East Peoria to get their caffeine buzz. My high school bus used to go by it all the time, but when I was younger I wasn’t a fan of the taste of coffee (a surprise, I am sure).

After acquiring a taste and eventual love for coffee, Eysal’s was a top priority to visit. A friend and I popped in one afternoon and finally got to see why it was always bustling. The place was cozy and the owners, who were operating the register, were beyond friendly. While my friend liked the coffee, I wasn’t too impressed with it but what I was impressed with is the popcorn. That’s right, they made their own popcorn.

It was phenomenal. There were over ten flavors to choose from. I ended up getting the 5 Alarm Fire (I think that was the name) and it did just that. Made my mouth burn, but it was a controlled burn and I ate the entire bag that day. I went back a few times with different people that were interested in going and I would always try something new on the menu, but my heart and stomach were there for one thing… popcorn.

Imagine the dismay when I was driving by one day and saw the outdoor sign say they were not only closing up shop, but it was happening in a few days. I never did get a chance to go in and get one more thing of popcorn. I did some google-fu and found out that they were closing, not due to business, but because the building was up for sale.

But this story doesn’t end on a sad note. No. In fact, Eysal’s is open! The owners found a new place to set up shop. The new location is in Washington, IL. I have visited there recently and you can find that blog post here.

Here’s to hoping they still have some homemade popcorn. (Edit: They don’t.)

400 E Washington St.
East Peoria, IL 61611



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