Initial Visit: May 9th, 2018
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: $

Description: Sometimes a little buffet in a little town on a little trip with your cousin will pack a big punch.

While out and about in Canton, my cousin asked if we should get Chinese or Mexican for lunch. Before we could decide, we ran into this little buffet place that my cousin visited a lot when he was a kid and next thing I knew, my cousin started heading inside.

Once inside, I got a huge deja vu trip. I swore I had been here before, as a kid. Everything seemed so familiar and my cousin said it seems like nothing had changed since he was there years ago.

They had a small buffet going (as seen in the photos) so we went ahead and had that. For it being a small buffet, it packed a lot of flavor. I tried just about everything on the menu and while I didn’t care much for a few of the things I had, the rest was dang delicious. Especially the eggs rolls, some dessert cake and crab rangoon. Oh gosh, was the crab rangoon amazing. I kept going back for more. It looked like it was homemade as well.

The lady serving us was super pleasant and assisted us whenever we needed something. We ended up talking to another customer about traveling and moving out of Illinois while we scarfed down rangoon after rangoon.

Sometimes you just never know when you will be knocked on your feet by some amazing Chinese food.

56 E Elm St
Canton, IL 61520

(309) 647-1414


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