Initial Visit: April 18th, 2016
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Free

Description: Falling is a serious concern for parents at parks.

Fell Avenue Park is your standard park. It has a jungle gym, some swings, a gazebo to throw some birthday parties and a cool balancing bridge… thing-y. There is a basketball hoop for you to play Horse or Around the World.

The size of the park is pretty massive though. It takes up a good chunk of the area it’s situated in. There is plenty of space for kids to play in the park and also run around the surrounding grass area. The residential area that the park is a part of is really nice as well. It’s also right up the road from Illinois Wesleyan University.

I don’t see a grill in my photos, so if you did want to have a cookout/party, it seems like you may need to bring your own. Despite that (which may have changed since I’ve been there), it’s are a really nice park in a really nice neighborhood.

1301 Fell Ave
Bloomington, IL 61701



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