Initial Visit: October 1st, 2018
Rating: 5/5
Price: $

Description: Leaves ‘n Beans will leaf you wanting more.

I previously visited the Leaves ‘n Beans Coffee in Peoria that was located near Bradley University. That location has since closed. My thought process at the time was that if a small business has multiple locations, I will try just one and that will be good enough. With time, I’ve realized that each location can offer a different experience and unique memories. So, if a small business has multiple uniquely-styled locations, I will try them out.

That leads us to the Leaves ‘n Beans in Peoria Heights. This is the one that everyone told me to try when I first started traveling. Well, six years later, here we are. This location is housed in a house. Really. It is a unique coffeehouse that operates out of an old house. I’ve been to a coffeehouses that are in converted houses and they are some of my favorite. They have that charm of a well-worn house and have a charm that a new building just doesn’t have. This one is no exception. You can flip through the few photos I posted to get that feeling.

The house has a porch and some outdoor seating available. So, if you come on a gorgeous day, you can soak up some sun and caffeine at the same time. It was decently packed outside, so I didn’t want to take any photos out of respect for the people relaxing.

Some of the walls are painted from top to bottom, which I assume is done by local artists, which is always cool. There is a downstairs that is equally cozy, if not more than the upstairs. There are tons of couches to sit on. There is a shelf full of books. I’m not sure if you can read those, but I did not see any signs saying otherwise.

But how was the coffee? Pretty great. I got an iced White Knight (white chocolate mocha). While I regret getting it iced since I think the flavor would’ve been even better warmed, it still hit the spot. There is a Mayan Mocha that is made with Ghost Pepper that I am going to come back and try some day. I love spicy stuff and that seems like a decent challenge.

They offer baked goods and an impressively large menu. While the baked goods behind the glass looked tantalizing, as did the menu items, I had just come from a work meeting where we had food served, so my belly only had room for coffee.

Customer Service was top notch. The two baristas working were very friendly and they struck up a conversation with my friend and I while our drinks were being prepared.

If Peoria Heights is a bit out of your range, you’ll be happy to know that there is a Leaves ‘n Beans Coffee in Morton, IL as well. I definitely think they are worth checking out if you like great coffee. Maybe next time I will go with an empty belly and get some food to cool my mouth after a Mayan Mocha. 🙂

4800 N Prospect Rd
Peoria Heights, IL 61616

(309) 688-7685



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