Initial Visit: April 6th, 2013
Rating: unrated/5 (Read why)
Price: $$

Description: This may be my first blog post where I don’t give a score. Read why.

In my years of traveling and now in my years of writing blogs, I have been to many great places and I have been to many places that aren’t great. I have also been to many more that fall in between those two. It just so happens that the Columbus Zoo gets a unique rating of ‘unrated’.

Our visit to the Zoo was less than stellar. It was a cold and blustery early-April day. The sky was overcast. The cost to get in was higher than we expected. All of that can be overlooked. What can’t be overlooked is having most of the exhibits closed.

Yes, I fully understand it was cold. I understand they need to protect and keep the animals safety in their best interest. Because of this, I refuse to rate this Zoo/Aquarium out of fairness. While it sucked that a lot of the animals were put away due to the extended winter, I can fully respect their decision to not put the animals out until it was warm enough.

With all that in mind, I will give Columbus Zoo a proper rating after a proper visit. My friends and I had fun while we were there despite the cold and lack of animals. I have confidence that a revisit will bring us many awesome animals to see.

In the mean time, if you visit a Zoo or Aquarium, please donate beyond the admission fees. Big or small, a lot of these places operate on the generosity of everyday citizens. $5 could go a long way to help feed a few animals that day.

4850 W Powell Rd
Powell, OH 43065

(614) 645-3400


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