Initial Visit: June 13th, 2019
Rating: 4.25/5
Price: $-$$

Description: You don’t have to be a king to eat here… but you’ll leave feeling like you ate like one.

Every day I was in Colorado, I heard about green chili. Green chili this. Green chili that. Apparently, it’s all the rage in the area that spreads down to a few other states. My cousin was determined for me to try some before flying home. The general consensus among everyone we were with was that I needed to try it at King’s Chef. So, before heading to the airport, we did just that.

I had images of a kid-friendly restaurant but was greeted with a brightly colored place that had dedications to those who served in the military on the walls. Pouring over the menu, I was greeted with offerings of massive food portions. So massive that they offer 1/2 sizes if you aren’t that hungry. My cousin and I settled on the same thing. The Breakfast Burrito… which was dubbed ‘The Tastiest Burrito in Colorado’ by Food Network Magazine. I ordered mine with bacon and my cousin got chorizo.

Not but 8 minutes later, our food was delivered. For the amount of food that was packed in the burrito, I was surprised by how fast it came and how delicious it was. I have had big burritos in my time and this one takes the cake on massive level. I didn’t think the combination of bacon, eggs and hash browns with cheese and green chili on the outside would be a great combination… but wow. It was good. The green chili had a bit of a kick to it that I didn’t need to use much of the hot sauce the waitress gave to us.

For both of our meals, it was about $22 and change. Luckily, I had cash on me to pay for it as they don’t take debit/credit cards. Just a little food for thought to keep in mind if you ever visit.

You may not need to be royalty to eat here but you will eat like one.

6436 US-87
Fountain, CO 80817

(719) 434-2479


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