Initial Visit: October 6th, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: Free

Description: West is the most popular direction when it comes being paired up to the word ‘Wood’.

I am back with a new laptop and the ability to continue blogging my back(b)log of travel memoirs. Up first is Westwood Park in Morton, Illinois.

This park is sprawling with baseball fields, baseball fields, baseball fields, and more baseball fields with a small pavilion and playground. I’ve rode by it many times while I am out riding on my bicycle. There is usually some families there playing some ball or loading/unloading their own bicycles to ride the East Peoria/Morton bike trail.

This place must be used frequently judging by the size of the parking lot. There is probably enough parking for 200 cars. I’ve only ever seen it packed once or twice and even then, people were finding ingenious places to park.

In the back corner of the parking lot, you’ll find a disc golf course called Megiddo. You’d almost not know its there due to how nestled it is in the back. I’m not much for disc golfing these days, so I know next to nothing about it.

If you need a place to play baseball, this is the place for you. I counted 4-5 diamonds while there, but their website claims to have 8. If playing America’s past time isn’t your thing, there is always the disc golf course.

2123 Veterans Road #2047
Morton, IL 61550

(309) 263-7429


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