Initial Visit: October 28th, 2014
Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $

Description: This is THE 50’s Diner. Not THAT 50’s Diner.

If you are a diner aficionado, do not confuse yourself. Yes, there is two diners in Illinois that have nearly the same name. This one is THE 50’s Diner located in Peoria, IL and the other is THAT 50’s Diner in Dwight, IL.

The similarities do not end there. They are both themed from the 1950s. They have a big love of Elvis and other 1950’s stuff decorating the diner. That’s about where it ends.

Matt, Tim, and I rolled up on a sunny autumn afternoon for some nostalgic trip. Not that we were alive in the 50’s but it is always fun to visit a place themed after a time period one isn’t alive for. I am still waiting for someone to open a Cafe 80’s modeled after the one from Back to the Future II.

This diner was screaming 50’s from the moment we walked in. Black and white color scheme for the seating. 50’s decor and memorabilia lining the walls and counters. A menu that screams styling from the time.

But none of that matters in the end. It’s the food. The menu emhpasizes the Loosey Sammich and that is just what I ordered. While looking over the menu, I did notice they served curly fries, which seems like a rarity outside of Hardee’s/Carl Jrs.

The diner wasn’t busy so our server was timely and our food was delivered after a short while. The food was served in those plastic baskets with wax paper (but sometimes served on plates). To me, I enjoy food being delivered in those things. Why, only foggy childhood memories can explain.

The food was dropped in front of us and the Loosey sandwich was… not appealing. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it if you’ve read enough of these blog posts, you know I save my judgment for how it tastes, not how it looks.

Chomp. Chomp. A few bites in and my mouth ran in to dryness without flavor to cover it up. The sandwich was somehow disappointing despite being their signature sandwich. I am going to guess that the meat was sitting in a warmer and dried out. Ah, what a bummer. The fries were good, at least.

I’ve been back a few times with my friend Maria for random breakfasts and lunches and the food from those visits mirrored my first experience here. Bland. Not to say the food is awful or should be avoided, but don’t expect anything to make you crave coming back time and time again.

But, on the other hand, maybe you’ll love the place. Don’t let me bland experience deter you from checking it out. Maybe my taste buds are compatible with the 50’s.

Ah, but this isnt the end of this blog. Nope, one little thing left to talk about. There is a store that takes up the right side of The 50’s Diner. Yes, you heard it here. A store. I’ve browsed the merchandise for sale and I am not sure if this store is a consignment-based or what. The assortment of items is rather eclectic. There’s novelty candy, jewelry, random clothes, and other odds and ends. It kind of makes visiting here exciting because you just never know what they will have on sale.

4700 N University St
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 692-6300