Initial Visit: May 12th, 2015
Rating: 3.75/5
Price: $

Description: I’m still salty about this place.

Why am I salty about Freddy’s? It’s not that I had bad service or anything like that. It’s just all that I could taste when I ate my food. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to visit Freddy’s since it is more of a chain than a locally-owned place and the latter is more of my focus for my Travel List. It’s a small chain with rare locations for my area, so I figured “why not”.

Freddy’s was unique yet all-too-familiar upon entering. It’s your standard fast food eatery where you place your order at the counter and wait for it to be brought to your table or you pick it up at the counter. My girlfriend and I were rather hungry, so we ordered a lot of food. Something that can be a bit risky if it’s a new place that neither of you have been to. I ordered a burger, a hot dog and some fries. The fries are just like the ones you get at Steak N Shake. Actually, if you took S’n’S, made it red/white themed and made it more fast food orientated, you would have Freddy’s.

We wasted no time chowing down the food. I ate the hot dog first and it was okay. It was good but the flavor was a bit overpowered by the salt in the dog, bread, and toppings. Then I moved on to the burger (while munching on the fries in-between everything). The fries themselves, I hated. They were good on their own as most french fries are. Its just something about thin-cut fries that makes me angry. Drop some normal-sized fries or steakhouse fries in front of me and you have a happy blogger. But, that’s just a personal preference. Again, the fries themselves were fine despite their lack of size.

Where was I? Oh. The burger. The burger suffered the same fate as the hot dog. It was pure salt. It’s as if they took the salt they normally sprinkle on the fries and sprinkled it on the burger and dog instead. This lead to some mild discomfort after the meal, if you can imagine that. The bloat was real.

For it being a simple combo meal, it was alright when it came to the value. A simple burger, a hot dog, fries, and a drink should fill most everyone up. They have other combo meals should you not be a fan of hot dogs or burgers.

I would visit a Freddy’s again if I was with someone who had never been before. I’m always for second chances. I would make sure to get a water with my meal to help my body deal with the potential sodium overload that was being cooked for me.

3205 E Clear Lake Ave
Springfield, IL 62702
(217) 544-5144