Initial Visit: May 3rd, 2014
Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $$-$$$$

Description: Cook your own steak?! No thanks.

Alexander’s Steakhouse in Peoria is known for two things. It’s legendary salad bar and the ability to cook your own food. Yep, you can go out to eat and cook your own food.

I have some cooking ability but nothing that would produce a steak on the level as a professional. Not even close. So, it’s my humble opinion that if you go out to eat, you should have someone else do the cooking for you. That’s just how I feel. I’ve been to Alexander’s quite a few times since 2014 and have seen a lot of people cooking their own steak. To each their own. I’m not sure the process on cooking your own steak but it does seem like they supply everything you need and you cook your food along side the chefs cooking my food.

My first time here was to treat my dad for his birthday. We took a seat, we looked over the menu and we placed an order. My dad has a similar view on having your meal cooked for you versus doing it yourself. He picked out something meaty and I picked out a Santa Maria sirloin. The spices it was cooked with sounded too good to pass up. We placed our orders, sipped on our beers and were swimming in an olfactory overload of cooked meat. Once the chefs get cooking, the smells permeate everything. It’s nearly impossible to not drool at the savory smells. The food came out and my dad and I dug in after being taunted by the scents lingering in the air.

Each bite was bliss. I have and will use steak sauce but I don’t go out of my way to get it from the waiter. The Santa Maria sirloin was cooked to perfection and each bite made you want to say ‘Santa Maria’ with an Italian accent while kissing your finger tips. I could tell my dad was also really enjoying his meal as he had the same smile on his face that I am sure was plastered on mine. The steakhouse fries that came with the meal were actually a bit of a disappointment. They tasted like they were either not fully cooked or sat out too long. The insides were cold, at best. That didn’t put a damper on things but was still a bit of a bummer as I love some good steakhouse fries. Our bill came to about $100, which is what I was looking to spend. This place isn’t cheap but it’s not entirely outrageous, either.

In fact, they have amazing lunch specials. That’s what I normally come here for. You can get a sandwich, side, and a beer for about $10-12. Just think of that. A steakhouse where you can get a lunch special for $10-12 that fills you up. I’ve been here many times with my friend Maria to take advantage of that deal. It does change once in awhile so keep an eye on the website for their current specials. My go-to was and is New York Strip Sandwich. It’s absolutely delicious except for the first time I had it. The bun was scorched a little too much for my liking. The fries that come with it weren’t disappointing like my first time here. And the beer is beer. Can’t really mess that up too much.

If you happen to be a vegetarian/vegan, you are in luck. This place has a massive salad bar. Alexander’s is legendary for their salad bar. I got it on a whim during one of my lunches here and I thought it was alright. There is a million things to put on your salad should you option for that.

Alexander’s is indeed a steakhouse and it’s prices reflect that but the whole attitude of the place is pretty laid back and casual. This isn’t a suit-and-tie place. You can roll up in your Tuesday Best and not be turned away. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pajama pants during their lunch specials. (PSA: Do not go anywhere in pajama pants. It’s not a good look.) I could go on more about Alexander’s but I think you get the general gist of the place.

Whether you are on a tight budget or have a company credit card burning a hole in your pocket, you can find something delicious to eat at Alexander’s.

100 Alexander Ave
Peoria, IL 61603

(309) 688-0404