Initial Visit: October 14th, 2014
Rating: 4/5
Price: $

Description: Peoria’s favorite bakery.

Just uttering the word Trefzger’s will get people’s mouth watering and blood sugar levels skyrocketing. It’s the hidden gem of bakeries in Peoria that everyone loves.

Trefzger’s is the oldest and longest running bakery in Peoria since 1861. From what I remember reading, they were in the same building for most of that time until recently they moved to a brand new facility that would accommodate their ever-growing popularity.

When I first heard about Trefzger’s, I had no idea what the person was saying to me. Someone brought cookies or something in to work from there. It took a bit of explaining that it was a bakery in Peoria that everyone knew about besides me. After learning how to spell the name, I quickly added it to my Travel List. A little while later, I snagged Tim for a sweet adventure and we headed there.

The fact that I never noticed Trefzger’s Bakery before my visit made so much since once I got there. The building was ridiculously small. It was big enough for the counters that displayed some baked goodies, some room to bake in the back and some space for maybe 4 customers to comfortably browse.

Tim and I entered to a busy cashier and a couple people ordering/picking up some sweets. This gave us ample time to look at all the savory goods in the display cases. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos of the interior so you could see what they offer, but trust me, the stuff looked like it would give you a cavity before you finished your 3rd bite.

Since Trefzger’s is a ‘buy it and get out’ kind of place, Tim and I did just that. We bought a few things and proceeded to take a seat on the bench outside. This is where we chomped on our cookies. I had some of the stuff that people brought in to work and thought it was decent. I had the same feeling towards the cookie I had on the bench. It was good. If not lacking that little bit of love that homemade stuff typically has. Or maybe I was setting my expectations a bit too high. Don’t get me wrong, the cookies were good. Borderline great. I just think the hype and expectations for Trefzger’s were a bit too high for what I experienced.

I have had some of their other stuff throughout the years since 2014. Some cinnamon roll bread thing, some cupcakes. Each time, I think the stuff is pretty good but not on the level that people around me seem to think of it. And you know what, that is totally okay.

With them moving locations, I would love to check out the new place and see if my opinion of Trefzger’s has changed. If they are the same, I know I will get a decent cookie. If they’ve only gotten better, then I will be in for a treat. No pun intended.

Note: The address below is for their new building.

3504 N Prospect Rd
Peoria Heights, IL 61616
(309) 685-9221