Initial Visit: October 11th, 2014
Rating: 5/5
Price: $

Description: My schedule is never too busy for the Busy Corner.

The buzz about the Busy Corner is that they have the BEST pies around. While taste is subjective, I found that anyone that knew about the Busy Corner said they have the best pies around. With everyone universally praising their pies, this sounds like a conspieracy to me.

My dad and I took the little drive to Busy Corner one late morning to see what the fuss was about. Neither of us had been there so this was an experience for the both of us. We pulled up to the Busy Corner after getting off I-74 and realized that this might be the main attraction in Goodfield. The town seems like any other small town with nothing much to do except that one good diner. The Busy Corner seems to fill that space but is in an actual modern building and they have the full restaurant feel to it.

Our waitress guided us to our table and left us to look over the menu. Neither of us were feeling too adventurous in our meal choosing, so we both ended up with your standard breakfast. I got my personal favorite which is something involving french toast. I think it was the Farmers French Toast after checking out their menu. My dad got the Skillet Corner, where you get to build your own skillet meal. Once our orders were placed, we sipped on some coffee and tried to fully wake up.

Depending on where I am, I will drink my coffee differently. At most restaurants, I will have sugar/creamer on standby if its available. Firstly, I will test the coffee with a quick sip. If the quality of the coffee is poor, I will try to find a balance between the coffee, creamer, and sugar. I do this at locally owned places because the quality of coffee can be all over the place and I never know what to expect. Happily, I can say that the Busy Corner has some of the best coffee I ever had at a restaurant. Truth be told, I probably downed 4 cups throughout the entire visit with a 5th one being considered.

While I was testing my coffee and talking to my dad, our food came out fairly quick. Maybe after 15 minutes. For how packed the place was, it was a pleasant surprise the food didn’t take forever. Seeing as it was late morning and we both hadn’t ate anything beforehand, we dived right in.

Each mashing of the fork into the bread to cut off a piece was delightful. Why? Because what followed was deliciousness slathered in powdered sugar and syrup. Despite it being texas toast, there was only one actual piece of bread. It was gone almost as quickly as I put down the bacon and sausages that came with it. In spite of it disappearing so quickly, I did enjoy every single bite. Heaven on a plate.

My dad is a bit of a slower eater. He was barely halfway through his meal when I pushed my empty plate forward in triumph. As my dad was wrapping up his meal, which he said he enjoyed thoroughly, our waitress asked if we wanted desserts. We mentioned that we heard the pie was delicious but were too full to attempt a slice. She confirmed that they are well-known for their pies and that the pie will be waiting should we want it another time.

Having driven by the Busy Corner many times while traversing up and down I-74, I never knew what deliciousness lurked inside. I am not sure what their secret is to delicious food but sometimes peeking behind the curtain spoils the magic.

302 Eureka St
Goodfield, IL 61742
(309) 965-2361