Initial Visit: March 29th, 2021
Rating: 4.75/5
Price: $

Description: It’s only Faire that I try both Faire Coffee House locations.

Situated in the building that used to house a delectable breakfast restaurant (Denhart Baking Company & Restaurant) is the recently opened branch of Faire Coffee. If memory serves me right, I don’t remember hearing about this new coffeehouse until both locations were opened. I made the trip to the Peoria location with my friend Maria to see what the buzz was all about. Time and work schedules finally lined up for us to get coffee again and I suggested we try the Washington location as we both enjoyed our trip to the Peoria one. She agreed and we set our sights on more caffeinated beverages.

I was curious to see what Faire Coffee had done to the place as Denhart had quite a cozy feeling to it. Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed upon entering. The walls are now white with some black decor/trim pieces. A stark contrast from what I remember from before but felt appropriate for Faire Coffee. The aesthetics that are baked in to the structure remain and they go well with the coffeehouse’s modern approach.

As usual, Maria beat me there and had already ordered her drink and food. She tried to tell me this but it was busy and I just nodded my head and said “okay”. As I stood in line, I thought it was weird that there wasn’t a cashier taking orders. It turned out, I was standing behind a group of ladies who had already ordered and were waiting. The cashier waved me down to the far end of the counter so I could place my order. Talk about embarrassing. I was ordering off the menu that was hanging on the wall, so I grabbed the biggest cold brew they had as I was running on around 4 hours of sleep. That’s when I joined the line I was formerly in and awaited my drink. Luckily it was a quick and easy one and I had it before I could get comfy in my former spot in line.

We started talking while I started sipping my drink and Maria asked if I ordered food. I said no, I didn’t really see anything besides baked goods and packaged stuff at the counter/display case. Apparently they have a small food menu and one of those things is a variety of paninis. In my sleepy haze, I completely missed the food menu on the counter. After seeing and smelling hers (she ordered the Breakfast Panini) as it was placed in front of us, I grabbed a menu and ordered one for myself. It was the tangy chicken and sounded like just the thing I needed to help wake me up (aside from the giant coffee).

Where we were sitting, we could see the paninis being made and I was happy to see that they were massive. For $8, you definitely get a sandwich that is both great in terms of serving size and quality. Maria was raving about hers and I had to wait for mine to finish cooking. It wasn’t long before we both were filling up on coffee and food. Mine was a combination of chicken, avocado, tangy white sauce and tomato. I do feel like it was missing that one small thing to really tie it together but that aside, it was still really amazing. I think it did more to wake me up than the coffee did. Speaking of that…

My cold brew was delicious. It was black so it was the raw flavor of what Faire Coffee has to offer and I liked it. It was bitter yet smooth. Flavorful yet lacking any real flavor (for being black). It definitely was one of the best cold brews I have had in a long time, maybe even ever. The size and price alone were great in determining that. It was only $5.25 for a 24oz. cup and it was worth every cent.

About the only issue one could take with this location, which isn’t a fault of Faire Coffee is the size of the interior space. It is on the smaller side and it took only a handful of people to make it feel packed. Definitely keep this in mind if you plan to come here for an extended period of time.

The last thing I have to say is the staff was amazing. From the person taking my orders to the people running around to keep the place going, everyone was nice and courteous despite being busy for the lunch crowd.

I really do hope to see Faire Coffee become a staple in the Central Illinois area.

101 N Main St
Washington, IL 61571
(309) 508-7770