Initial Visit: January 6th, 2012
Rating: 4/5
Price: $-$$

Description: Q’doba. The very first stop on my Travel List.

A brief telling of how my travels came to be. With Q’doba being my first place visited on my Travel List, it seems fitting to share for those who don’t know. The year was 2011. The location was my job. The setting was boredom. My train of thought wandered to how I haven’t seen a lot of the things to see in Chicago and St. Louis. I started a list of things to do those cities and fast forward 8+ years and I’ve been to 550+ unique places. Q’doba has the distinction of being the first.

Cassey, Danielle, Tim, Matt and I made dinner plans shortly after the start of the new year and to start off my traveling adventures. We descended upon Q’doba with no idea what fun was to be had this evening. We all approached the counter and Danielle had to help me order as I was completely new to the experience. Oh, how innocent and clueless I was back then. Still am clueless but better at ordering food at restaurants. It took awhile for all of us to get through the food assembly line as it was mostly a new experience for us all and it was dinner time.

Once we had our food, we sat down and the shenanigans began. This was a night to remember. Or try to remember 8 years later. As we sat there and ate our food, we told many jokes, riffed on each other and laughed until our faces and sides hurt. I have some videos that I recorded from this dinner but those are a bit more personal than I would like to share. Trust me when I said it was a fun group having maximum fun.

Enough of that. How was the food? It was good! I haven’t been back since 2012 but I do remember the food being really good and wondering why I hadn’t been there sooner since I drove by and still drive by this place all the time. What I ordered is a memory lost to time but I remember being sufficiently stuffed afterwards.

If you like to order food and watch it be made right in front of you while you dictate the toppings (think of Subway), then you will like Q’doba. The amount of food you can have them stuff in a tortilla wrap is very surprising while the price is equally surprising and very affordable.

Q’doba, thank you for being the first place I visited and starting me down a path of shenanigans, exploration, discoveries, and memories. Maybe Q’doba will be your starting point in exploring the world.

1040 W Camp St
East Peoria, IL 61611

(309) 698-7100