Initial Visit: July 14th, 2013
Rating: 4/5
Price: $

Description: The mini golf course that never opens?

Is it the Chuck’s Caddy Club Mini Golf Course? Is it the Miller Park Mini Golf Course? Does this place even have a name? Does it even exist? I debated on not writing a post for Chuck’s Caddy but decided to do one, even if there isn’t much to say.

Matt and I had visited Bloomington-Normal on many occasions to check out new things. This mini golf course was always one we tried when the weather was cooperating yet it was the mini golf course itself that was the one not cooperating. Each time we came to mini golf, there was a CLOSED sign to greet us. Not one to let defeat win, we kept trying during every visit. It was our 3rd or 4th time trying that we were finally greeted with a smiling face and the chance to putt some balls around. We paid our admission and hit the greens.

I don’t remember much about the course itself. I remember it was a bit of a challenge due to it being our first time. Admittedly, neither of us are great at mini golf but we have fun with it and fun is what we had at (insert name) mini golf course. We wound our way through all 18 holes and called it a draw, if we were even keeping accurate count that is.

It does seem that the city park district has taken over operations of said mini golf course. So, I guess the proper name would be Miller Park Mini Golf Course or something like that. Maybe it had already transitioned by the time Matt and I visited. Either way, the area surrounding the mini golf course is excellent. There is the Miller Park Zoo and some playground equipment that you can bring your kids to. I believe there is a small water park in the area as well. It’s more of a playground that has water components to it, so not quite a water park but not quite a normal city park. There are plenty of walking paths to take that go around the park, zoo, and surrounding area. Don’t be dissuaded by my failed attempts to visit the mini golf course. The area itself is worth checking out if all else fails.

1020 S Morris Ave
Bloomington, IL 61701