Initial Visit: April 10th, 2016
Rating: 2.5/5
Price: $

Description: They cobble. You gobble.

Driving in to Pekin from Creve Coeur, you can’t miss the Cobbler Corner. It’s a staple on the corner of the first major intersection you stop at. It’s a place that always seems to have it’s little parking lot packed during eating times. It’s a place that I knew I would eventually have to visit as I hadn’t been there since shortly after I graduated High School and just started dating a lady who I was engaged to for while. That time came when my dad wanted to get breakfast somewhere and I was tasked with picking where we went.

We arrived to a packed parking lot and an equally packed diner. This place is small. When I say small, I say that 15 people can pack the place. Consider us lucky to have gotten a table without much of a wait. As we sat at our table, I looked around and could tell this was the church crowd that was getting some grub after their morning mass. My dad and I looked at our menus and got to figuring out what we wanted to get.

Since this was a diner/small restaurant, I opted for some breakfast. The place just felt like ordering breakfast was the right thing to do. My dad ordered some breakfast as well. Our waitress topped off our coffees, took our orders and menus and we got to chatting about random stuff. While we were talking, I did notice that some of the people kept giving us that look that says “who are these new people”. Its not a look that bothers me by any means. It just means these people come here often to support a local business.

Seeing as we were at the tail end of the post-church rush, our food didn’t take too long to cook. The smells emanating from the kitchen definitely got my hopes up that the food was going to be amazing. But, when our waitress set our plates in front of us, my dad and I looked at each other and had the same thought.

“This is it?”

Check the photo below to see just how little food we got. I ordered a Belgian waffle with bacon. Technically, that is what I got but the size of the waffle was laughably small and the bacon looked like it was from a pig that was familiar with running marathons. With a sign, we both dug in to our meals. Before our waitress could come back to top off our coffees, I was done with my meal and my dad was soon to be finished as well. Despite the laughable lack of substance, it did taste pretty good. Not good enough to make up for the lack of food but good enough to not sour the entire experience.

For the price, I suppose we couldn’t complain but at the same time, other diner-style places offer similar menus at similar prices but serve plates with an actual decent amount of food on it. We left the Cobbler Corner with room for a second round of breakfast. I know I am sounding a bit harsh on the Cobbler Corner but it was sad to have a breakfast experience leaving us wanting more.

Even after visiting 500+ places, I still get a bit of nervousness when I try new places. You just never know what to expect. You never know how things will turn out. Add in someone else who is exploring with you, it multiplies the feeling of antsy I get. Sometimes they are good times and sometimes they are experiences you look back on and laugh about.

In recent times, I did notice the name of the restaurant changed to Mike’s Cobbler Corner. Whether this was a huge change or just a name swap, I know not. Even with this interesting experience, I am all for second chances. If I get the chance to check out Mike’s Cobbler Corner, I will post a new review and post a link here.

1534 N 8th St
Pekin, IL 61554

(309) 347-2666