Initial Visit: February 17th, 2015
Rating: 5/5
Price: $

Description: Silver Bullet in name only. There are no werewolf threats here! In fact, they don’t sell anything gun related. Just yum related.

Silver Bullet is a nickname for Coors Light. Which, in talking to friends, used to be hard to come by in this area back in the day. So maybe this place is named as a tribute to that beer?

The Silver Bullet has been in East Peoria for as long as I know. As a kid, I remember this place being here, because I would visit the Co-Op Store next door (music store) to pick up some cds and music memorabilia. It was called Silver Bullet, Too at one point, but I am unaware if there was a second location. Once my friends and I turned 21, we started to visit this place, so the Initial Date is a bit misleading.

My friends and I have been here many times before and after the photo you see above. Each time has been a great memory filled with deliciously cheap food, great drinks and a friendly staff. My friend Maria and I actually spent NYE 2016 here, counting in 2017 and despite it being slow in the bar, we had a blast.

So what does the Silver Bullet offer? Well it has really good bar food at bar prices. I would actually come here with an ex-girlfriend just to get a good meal and shoot the breeze for a few hours. It has slots, a pool table or two, slots and some golf gaming machine.

I will say that what I expected was a dumpy/low key bar since it’s in a strip of stores and the outside is kind of plain. But once you step in, it almost has a restaurant feel as it is more upscale and everything is in really great shape. There is even a Beer Garden/Patio that you can go out and enjoy your beers while smoking or taking in the great Illinois weather.

Sorry, this blog post has been all over the place. To me, Silver Bullet is like a real life Cheers bar. Just a fun and friendly place to go for some food and libations. So if you need a good bite and are in East Peoria for some reason, check out Silver Cheers… I mean Silver Bullet for an enjoyable time…

Unless you are a werewolf! Hoooowwwwllllll!

135 N Main St
East Peoria, IL 61611

(309) 694-0568


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